Last week, we heard from Kim, Shari, Lauren, Pablo and Brian about Parole Illinois, a group fighting to reinstate, as they put it, “earned discretionary reentry”. This is the last of a two-part conversation with them. In 1978, Illinois abolished discretionary parole system. Today, it remains one of just sixteen states (plus the District of Columbia) without any means for incarcerated people to earn parole.

In the previous episode, they introduced themselves and their own connections to incarceration- a couple of them have loved ones locked inside, or have been inside themselves. They spoke to how these inside-outside relationships have impacted their lives.

In this week’s show, they speak about why parole was abolished in Illinois in 1978, and also how prison is further traumatizing people who are inside, and those who have loved ones in prison or jail. They talk about the future of Parole Illinois, and how they would like to change the “tough on crime” narrative to ensure a meaningful reform of the parole system.

Thank you to everyone for their help on the show. You can find out more about their work at their website, including those past and future events they mentioned, and about the SB2333 bill they spoke about last week.

You can listen to the previous episode with Parole Illinois here.