We start off this week’s show with a roundup of prison disturbances compiled by Perilous Chronicle.  Afterwards, we speak with Lauren Regan, the Executive Director of the Civil Liberties Defense Center. Regan has been on the show before to discuss state repression and her efforts to support people facing political charges.  She returns today to talk about the CLDC and specifically Eric King, an anarchist prisoner housed at FCI Englewood in Colorado.

King was arrested in 2014 after he carried out an attack against a politician’s office in solidarity with the Ferguson uprising.  As an anti-racist prisoner, he has been subjected to repeated assaults by white supremacists. Regan describes his case, the struggle over his conditions and safety inside, and his upcoming release.  We will finish the interview next week on our June 11th episode.  June 11th is a day of solidarity with longterm anarchist prisoners, including Eric King, Marius Mason, and others.

You can find out more about the Civil Liberties Defense Center at cldc.org

You can find out more information about Eric, including a book wish list and how to write to him at supportericking.org.

You can see more of Perilous Chronicle’s coverage at https://perilouschronicle.com/