Our show this week returns to June 11th, the international day of solidarity with long-term anarchist prisoners. The focus of June 11th is overcoming the isolation that these long-term prisoners face, as the movements they participated in years ago give way to new struggles and new generations of radicals.  The day of solidarity works to connect these prisoners with struggles currently underway, especially those struggles with the potential to abolish the prison system, freeing them and all prisoners.

We begin with Letha, who gives us an update on Marius Mason, who alongside most prisoners, has faced an excruciating year of COVID isolation and vulnerability within the Danbury federal prison in Connecticut.  Marius organized in Bloomington and across the Midwest for decades, before being arrested for his participation in Earth Liberation Front actions.  He came out as transgender while inside, and has contributed solidarity statements both to the annual June 11th events around the world and to the January 22nd day of solidarity with trans prisoners.  Letha shares important notes on how to keep Marius and other prisoners connected to the outside world.

For our final segment, we return to our conversation with Lauren Regan from the Civil Liberties Defense Center. Last week, Lauren told us about the ongoing physical and mental harassment facing longterm anarchist antiracist prisoner Eric King, and his lawsuit against the U.S. Government.

You can get updates on Eric’s case via the CLDC website: https://cldc.org/ and at supportericking.org.

You can learn about supporting Marius, including how to write him here.