We start out by sharing a statement from Jailhouse Lawyers Speak about the Shut ‘Em Down campaign, scheduled for August 21st and September 9th, historic days for Black struggle inside and against prison.

Afterwards, we share the first of a two-part conversation between Nicole Fleetwood and Micol Seigel. Fleetwood’s recent book, Marking Time: Art in the Age of Mass Incarceration, is an exploration of visual art made by people in prison.

Fleetwood says, “I started working on this book as a way to deal with the grief about so many of my relatives, neighbors, and childhood friends who were spending years, decades, or life sentences in prison. It was also an effort to connect with others who are separated from their loved ones by prisons, parole, policed streets, and other forms of institutional and quotidian violence.”

After a brief hiatus, we are happy to report that our prisoner call-in phone line is back. Folks on the inside, or their outside friends and supporters can call (765) 343-6236 to record a message to be played on the air. Please share the number widely, and we will try to answer and air all messages possible.