We start off this week’s episode with an update on Marius Mason’s transfer to a men’s facility.  Marius is an imprisoned environmentalist who, in addition to waging an Earth Liberation Front sabotage campaign, was an important aboveground organizer for social movements in Indiana and Michigan for decades.  He came out as transgender while in prison, and has recently spoken out about his successful transfer to a men’s facility.  To read Marius’s statement about his transfer and to get information on how to write to him, please visit supportmariusmason.org

We then finish sharing the conversation between Judah Schept and Micol Seigel, both of whom contributed to stopping the jail expansion here in Monroe County a decade ago. As a new proposal for jail expansion is on the table, Schept and Seigel have been reflecting on their previous organizing, with an eye towards what lessons we can carry from it into the present.

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