This week, we share two features dealing with the cunning ways that the carceral system conceals itself and the harm it causes.  The first is an account from Adrien Espinoza, who has been on the show before, speaking about conditions in the Maricopa County Jail. As a child, Adrien survived the Adobe Mountain School in Arizona.  As he demonstrates, this “school” is actually a euphemism for juvenile prison.  This prison inflicted severe punishment, sexual abuse, an absence of mental health support, and lack of education on its young inmates.  Content warning for sexual abuse and suicide.

Next, we air selections from a presentation moderated by Ruth Wilson Gilmore and featuring James Kilgore speaking on his new book Understanding E-Carceration.  Speaking from his own experience emphasizes that electronic monitoring is another euphemism for the expansion of the carceral net across the globe, enriching corporations and shackling prisoners — often at their own expense — from the US to Palestine to South Africa.  Kilgore argues that we must expose the reality of e-carceration and include the struggles of the monitored in the broader horizon of abolition.

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