We begin this episode with our monthly round up of prison disturbances, generously compiled by Perilous Chronicle. Afterwards, we share a piece by IU graduate student Kayan Tara about the death of Malik Ali Malik, who died during a police chase in Bloomington last spring.

Then, we return to the topic of long-term prisoner Leonard Peltier. Leonard Peltier is an American Indian organizer who has been imprisoned for 46 years.  Now 77, he is suffering from a variety of illnesses exacerbated by his long imprisonment, including diabetes, partial blindness, and an aortic aneurysm.  He recently was infected with COVID.  A member of the American Indian Movement, Peltier participated in the communal defense of the Pine Ridge reservation in 1975, which had been overrun with police and FBI agents, along with government-backed paramilitaries.  He participated in a shootout that led to the deaths of two FBI agents and another Native militant, but denies firing on the feds.  He was found in Canada in 1976 and extradited based on false testimony.  Today, he is the focus of a renewed effort to secure his release, with nine members of congress signing onto a letter requesting clemency.  The question of whether Peltier will die in prison currently hangs in the balance so we are sharing this overview piece from the International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee.

You can find out more at: https://www.whoisleonardpeltier.info

and at Perilouschronicle.com

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