Eric King is an anarchist prisoner who was arrested in September 2014 after he carried out a solidarity action to support the Ferguson Uprising.  We speak again today with his lawyer, Lauren Regan, about the harsh violence and repression he has faced in prison, culminating in trumped-up charges of assaulting a guard, charges which he just defeated in court.  In further retaliation for his court victory, he is now being moved to a maximum-security facility with only two years left on his sentence. This week, Regan describes the recent incident of abuse King suffered at the hands of guards. She tells the story of the trial itself, highlighting the pattern of guards closing ranks in moments like this. Regan points to the broader picture of what motivates guards to lie, and what makes people often want to believe authority figures instead of their peers.

His supporters are requesting that people call the Mid-Atlantic Bureau of Prisons Regional Office and request answers about why he is being punitively transferred. Check out his support page for more information.