Over the upcoming weeks, we will be sharing some of our favorite moments from our archive of shows, but we encourage you to go to our website, kitelineradio.org, to browse the other 299 episodes and find some favorites of your own. On our end, we will be sharing moments that the Kite Line team have found memorable, moving, and informative.

But this week, we still have some brand-new content. We share with you a conversation between Jok Huerta from Focus Initiatives and Baye Sylvester. They talk about Sylvester’s decades-long term in prison, and about the childhood that helped lead him there. They talk about how the prison system often bargains with people facing intimidating sentences, getting them to plead to serious charges, or to charges they didn’t commit.

We would like to thank our hometown radio station, WFHB, for all their support over these 300 episodes. Kite Line is entirely volunteer-based, and the folks at WFHB helped us expand into a show that’s aired across the U.S. We remain committed to helping amplify the voices of people affected by incarceration, and invite you to keep joining us.

Please check out IDOC Watch and Focus Initiatives to find out more about their programming.

Thanks to all our wonderful volunteers who have helped us get to 300 consecutive episodes!