Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing clips of our favorite moments from our archive of shows. The following story is from Mark Cook, one of my all-time favorite guests on Kite Line. In this gem, Cook, a founding member of the Walla Walla Black Panther Party, tells us the story of using stolen materials from prison work to construct a printing press for the distribution of radical materials across the prison. Made from simple kitchen and household items, they created a paper that informed prisoners of various actions and shared gossip about prison officials.

Afterward, we share a call from a Canadian prisoner named Renford Ferrier. We will air more of this conversation next week, but for now, Ferrier introduces us to himself and his case. You’ll hear some similarities with what Baye Sylvester talked about last week- the way that plea deals and faith in the system can confuse and intimidate prisoners and their families into accepting unfavorable charges.

Special thanks to both Ferrier and Cook. We will hear more of Ferrier’s story next week.

You can hear the full episode with Mark Cook here.

More of Mark’s interviews with us are here: