This week, we hear the first part of the recent webinar ‘USA vs. Jessica Reznicek: fighting the criminalization of Water Protectors’.  The webinar description reads:

“Since the No-DAPL movement, dozens of states have passed critical infrastructure laws that increase criminal penalties for anyone taking action against destructive fossil fuel projects. In 2017, 80 Republicans and 4 Democrats asked the Justice Department to prosecute Jessica Reznick and the valve turners as terrorists. Last year, the justice department answered the call and applied a terrorism enhancement to Jessica’s case, doubling her sentence.  In this webinar you will hear the voices of those standing up against the criminalization of climate action.”

The moderators of the April event were Charlotte and Leoyla Cowboy.  Speakers in this segment include Nizhóní Begay and Jaden Cowboy from the Water Protector Legal Collective, Cindy Spoon and Cherri Foytlin from the L’eau Est La Vie anti-pipeline campaign, and Monty Hollywood & Alex from the Campaign to Free Jessica Reznicek.

We’ll share the rest of this webinar in future episodes.  A full video recording is also available online here.  You can hear our previous episodes about Jessica’s case here.

To learn more about her case, you can watch the campaign’s latest video or visit