We launch into this episode with our monthly roundup of prison disturbances, as compiled by Perilous Chronicle.  Afterwards, we have audio from a prisoner, Paul Lee, reporting on a massive transfer of inmates back in February from Pontiac, Illinois correctional facility to Centralia Correctional Center due to an ongoing black mold problem, which had been accumulating at the facility for decades.

We  close with another highlight from our archive of over 300 shows. We’ve been sharing important segments from previous episodes to celebrate more than 300 consecutive, weekly episodes. This poem is from Phillip Roberts, who was on our show in 2019 for an episode about prison writing programs. Here he is, talking about the moment he saw his toddler daughter after getting out of prison. He follows by reading his poem “Daddy’s Little Princess”.

You can listen to our previous episode with Phillip here:

You can find out more detail about the prison disturbances we mentioned, along with other research about incarceration in North America at perilouschronicle.com