This week, Zolo Azania returns to the show. Azania was on the Kite Line back in 2019, shortly after he was released after surviving decades on Indiana’s death row.  He speaks with Jok Huerta, who has been on the show previously, moderating discussion with various Indiana prisoners.

Zolo will be on upcoming episodes of the show, but today he what it was like growing up during his time. He also speaks to how he was radicalized in prison, and what it was like to fight against, as he calls it- the vicious cycle generations end up within. We would like to give a content for brief mention of sexual assault.

This conversation is part of a series put on by IDOC Watch and other organizations, including Focus Initiatives, LTD. We encourage you to check out their projects, which focus on inside/outside prisoner and re-entry support.

You can listen to our previous episodes with Zolo Azania here.