This week, we share the second installment of a talk by Dina Alves, an abolitionist researcher and scholar who is currently visiting the US from Brazil.  Her talk is simultaneously translated from Portuguese by Micol Seigel. In this feature, she talks about the findings of her interviews with women prisoners in Brazil.

We hear examples of how Black women are more subject to legal persecution, and how, as Alves puts it, Black women in Brazil are last in line for rights, but first in line for punishment.

We regret to report the passing of Linda Greene, long time Kite Line news volunteer. Linda has been with us from the beginning. Since helping us launch in 2016, Linda has collected and written news stories for us. She was always on the lookout for the latest prison news- which isn’t always easy to find. She was an avid listener, and was the first to alert us of an on-air snafu that might need attention. We are grateful for all her help over the years. Rest in Power, Linda.