335 |  It was a Normal Day for Us, and He Just Disappeared

This week, we speak again with Isaiah Willoughby. Last time he was on the show, he reflected on being incarcerated due to the 2020 George Floyd Uprising. He was released from prison last March, but he’s now housed once again in SeaTac Federal Detention Center on a parole violation. It took three separate calls to complete this interview: calls in the facility are limited to ten minutes, and prisoners must wait an hour in between each call. Because of this, prisoners line up waiting for their turn to make a phone call. He tells us about his re-entry experience, speaking about issues with returning to the outside world that many people face after incarceration. He talks about the murder of his friend Manny at the hands of police. The police who killed Manny are currently out on bail, and their trial is set for September 2023.  Isaiah ends by explaining his civil case against SeaTac Federal Detention Center.

You can hear the first episode with Isaiah here: https://www.kitelineradio.org/podcast/296-words-from-an-incarcerated-blm-demonstrator/