This week, we reflect on the complex lethality of the white supremacist system in the United States, as it has dealt out death to Black people and others whose lives are devalued within this system.

We are responding to the release of the footage earlier this week of Tyre Nichols’ murder by Memphis police, which has led to a profusion of shallow statements by politicians and police chiefs, who seem palpably afraid that this brutal killing might trigger another movement like the 2020 George Floyd Uprising.

But we are also still digesting and mourning the murder by Atlanta police of forest defender, Tortuguita, and the death of IDOC Watch co-founder and Kite Line contributor, Angaza Iman Bahar, in Indianapolis two weeks ago.  The movement to defend the Atlanta forest has demonstrated the possibility of militantly responding to police murder while simultaneously challenging police media spin.

It has been harder to immediately challenge Angaza’s death, which is the tragic result of being sucked into street violence, but later in this episode, we share a moving tribute and political analysis made by Angaza’s longterm comrade inside Indiana’s prisons, Shaka Shakur.

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