We begin this week with a short piece by WFHB reporter Aaron Comforty, who reports on an alleged instance of attempted suicide in the local jail, and one mother’s attempts to find out the status of her son. We also speak with Ted Smith, an Associate Professor of Environmental Medicine at the University of Louisville who tells us about a new study his time is working on- testing wastewater from prisons in an effort to track potential coronavirus outbreaks.

Lastly, we return to our conversation with Malik Washington, recently released from prison after many years. In last week’s episode, he spoke about his own experiences inside, but began talking about the current plight of a close comrade who remains inside, Kevin Rashid Johnson. This week, he continues to advocate on Rashid’s behalf, as well as another Indiana prisoner, Kwame Shakur, and speaks to the importance of supporting prisoners. We will have more from Malik next week.

Music for this episode is excerpted from Kwame Shakur’s song, Letter to Boosie. You can hear the full song here.