131 | Arrested With a Yellow Vest, Part Two

This week,we hear a statement regarding a hunger strike that took place in France this month. On January 8th, detainees at the same immigration retention center that Chantal, the subject of this week’s Kite Line, was held in released a statement announcing that they had begun a hunger strike, and calling on detainees in other retention centers around France to join them.

Following the statement from the French retention center, we continue hearing from Chantal, who tells us of her time detained in France last month. Arrested in Paris during the Yellow Vests protests, Chantal gives her perspective on her case, and continues to describe for us the immigration retention facility she was held in. You can hear the beginning of her story in last week’s Kite Line- here.

We will continue to hear more about Chantal’s time inside the immigration retention center next week.