Content Warning: This episode contains strong imagery about domestic violence and other abuse.

This week, we examine the intersections between domestic violence, along with other forms of gendered violence, the courts, and the prison system. To begin, we share thoughts from a collaborator about Bresha Meadows – a teenager facing murder charges after killing her abusive father – and what her case reveals about the racist limitations on what “self-defense” means in this society. Then we move on to an
interview with Evelyn Smith, a social worker with Middle Way House and a local activist, as she shares her reflections on self-defense, domestic violence, the police, and the limits state-sponsorship has placed on the original feminist vision behind domestic violence shelters.

April 10-17 is the Week of Action for Bresha Meadows, who will be in court on May 8th. You can download posters, read about her case, and get updates at her support website: