This week, we are airing two kites- the first from a woman advocating for her brother, Billie Allen, who is on death row here in Indiana, despite his fight to prove his innocence. We will talk to Yvette more in the coming weeks, but in this conversation, she introduces us to her brother’s case, and talks more generally about death row’s impending executions.

We then follow with a piece, recorded from the inside, from Shaka Shakur. A former Indiana prisoner, Shaka was recently moved to Virginia, an example of interstate transfer, which is a problem you might recall from Malik Washington’s recent interview. We’ve shared Shaka’s story in a previous episode of Kite Line, along with some of his writings. In this episode, he shares his essay entitled. The Concept and Practice of Dual Power, in which he shares his vision for a successful anti-prison movement.

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