This week on Kite Line, we share a call from a prisoner located in Seattle, who exposes his facility’s careless treatment of prisoners in the face of COVID-19, and how medical isolation and punitive isolation function similarly.

Afterwards, we finish our conversation with Keith Malik Washington. Malik was recently released from prison after many years, and has been telling us about life on the outside- and the importance of supporting those still behind prison walls. He talks about his comrade, Kevin Rashid Johnson, and the way that the prison system has used the interstate compact agreement to transfer Rashid to many facilities in several states as a form retaliation for exposing inhumane prison conditions. Malik also describes the consistent punishment he faced due to his advocacy for fellow prisoners.

You can find links to our previous episodes with Malik here, and here.

We encourage you to support the project Malik mentions in his interview, the San Francisco Bay View.