This week focuses on call-ins from two prisoners: Khalfani Malik Khaldun in Indiana, and Muti Ajamu-Osagboro in Pennsylvania.

First, we hear from Muti. Muti Ajamu-Osagboro is a prisoner currently incarcerated in Pennsylvania. Muti was sentenced to life without parole as a teenager. Despite the fact that the US Supreme Court has decided that it is unconstitutional to sentence teenagers to life without parole, Muti, who is now in his fifties, remains incarcerated. The two pieces he shares today were written in fall 2019.

After that, we have Khalfani Malik Khaldun calling in from Wabash Valley Correctional Facility. He was recently placed back on the secure housing unit, or SHU. In this call, he explains how this process works – where he is able to be held for up to 45 days on mere suspicion – without being actually charged with a policy violation. He describes what being in the SHU has done to him, including causing depression and delusions, leading him to be medicated.

He filed a lawsuit regarding his conditions, after which followed a wrecking of his cell. He also received the discovery on his case and found an unsettling set of internal emails from prison administration and other correspondence about the ways in which he was being targeted, and their attempts to silence him.