This week, we are continuing our talk with Leon Benson, who speaks to us from inside Pendleton Correctional Facility here in Indiana. He’s been inside since 1998, for a murder conviction and he has been trying to clear his name and win his freedom ever since. Benson was incarcerated at 23 years old, and talks about becoming conscious while on the inside, and shares with us details about the night of the murder, and his ongoing struggles to get Post Conviction Relief.

In addition to talking about being stonewalled by the Indiana court system, Benson talks about the prison industrial complex and its relationship to corporations such as Aramark, Global Tel Link, and more. He also talks about the new Jim Crow, and how race influences mass incarceration. Benson maintains his innocence and continues to fight the system.

You can find out more about Leon’s case at, or write to him at Pendleton Correctional Facility, # 995256.