Happy New Year! This week, we broadcast kites from Strawberry Hampton in Illinois and Daniel Dawson in Saskatchewan, who both called in this week to update us on their conditions. Strawberry Hampton, a Black transgender woman and niece of Fred Hampton, shares the horrific abuses she has suffered inside. Hampton received a rare transfer to an all-women’s facility after she was abused in a men’s unit. She is back inside, and continuing to face verbal and physical abuse. Content warning for descriptions of assault.

In our second conversation Daniel Dawson gives important updates on their hunger strike in Saskatchewan. It was originally called last month as COVID-19 spread uncontrollably inside the facility.  Prisoners were simultaneously denied any effective quarantine support and were cut off from contact with family members.

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Special thanks to Perilous Chronicle for sharing the conversation with Dawson. You can see their work at perilouschronicle.com