This week on Kite Line we feature Arianna Staiger, daughter of Marius Mason, an anarchist prisoner who used to live and organize in Bloomington. Ariana speaks about how she experienced Marius’ arrest and persecution, her thoughts on ongoing support and about June 11, a day set aside every year to support and honor Marius and other long-term anarchist prisoners. Before starting with Ariana, we’d like to share a selection from Daniel McGowan’s recent interview about June 11. Daniel helped organize the first June 11 in 2004 before he himself was arrested for environmental sabotage, including actions against genetic engineering.

The June 11th tradition was initiated in 2004 to mark the anniversary of eco-prisoner Jeffrey Luers’ arrest. He was sentenced to 22 years after he burned 3 SUVs in protest against the fossil fuel industry, an action which hurt no one. Jeff won his release in 2009 but the day continues as an annual reminder of the anarchists prisoners serving the longest sentences for acts of sabotage and conscience. Here is a history of June 11th.