This week, we share the voices of three prisoners in Florida. Choosing to speak anonymously due to repression, they told us about horrible conditions inside the Florida prison system. They explain the racial injustice in the prison system, the importance of letting lifers out, the prevalence of moldy, rancid food, poor hygiene in the face of COVID-19, rats and cockroaches in their cells, inadequate health care, and the lack of a working grievance system that leaves prisoners to fend for themselves.

Additionally, we’ve received reports that people imprisoned at Dekalb County Jail in Georgia have tested positive for COVID-19. They say jail staff are not taking appropriate measures to protect the people inside and they’re scared for their lives. Their loved ones say you can call (404) 298-8100- the Dekalb County Sherriff’s Office, and demand the following:

1- Put everyone on bondable release, effective immediately.

2- Test everyone in the jail for COVID-19.

3- Release those inmates who test positive for COVID-19.

4- Restore all access to phone and video visits.