This week, we are sharing the words from a prisoner who contacted us from inside the South Carolina prison system. In addition to his thoughts on the recent National Prison Strike, of which news still continues to trickle in, he talks about what prisoners are experiencing every day.  From severe medical neglect, inedible food, and poor treatment by guards, to improper training of corrections officers, lack of support for prisoners facing mental health crises, lack of education opportunities, and much more in terms of dishonest and inhumane treatment that prisoners receive at the hands of prison officials. Speaking from a facility currently on lock down, he describes a prisoner having a heart attack in a nearby cell, and the inattentiveness of guards to this situation. We will have more insight on the prison strike next week, as more word makes its way out to us. We do know that prisoners around the country are facing lockdowns and repression in the wake of the National Prison Strike, and therefore it’s also important to note that the prisoners have been striking for a reason- and that the impacts of the strike are continuing, as our guest says, those on the inside need people to understand what is happening to them within the prison walls on a daily basis.