This week, we hear from two people- Faith, who talks to us about the practice of inmate lending- and Jason Renard Walker, who speaks on the retaliation he is facing inside. We spoke to Faith at the Fight Toxic Prisons convergence recently, and she told us about the practice of inmate lending, where prisons bid for labor in the form of prisoners from other facilities. This practice often leads to prisoners being shipped to facilities to work in locations very far from their families. Interstate prisoner transfers have recently reached Indiana as well, where the Department of Corrections is experimenting with them as a method of isolating prison militants, like Shaka Shakur, who has been sent to Virginia.

After Faith, we have a statement entitled “Retaliation 101” by Jason Renard Walker, who calls in from the Allred Unit in Iowa City, Texas. Again, we apologize for the sound quality, and can send a transcript of the essay. He talks about the retaliation and harassment, along with other inhumane conditions he’s been experiencing.