We begin this week with a letter from a prisoner at Pendleton Correctional Facility. He writes about the educational programs available in the prison. He works through some of the problems prisoners encounter when trying to get a meaningful vocational training or degree on the inside.

And then, we hear more from Abu Faheem Shabaz, who was the center of last week’s episode. He continues to share reflections from over 18 years spent inside. Last week, he described his tongue injury caused by an allergic reaction to Haldol – a strong psychiatric drug – that he was forced to take while still a new prisoner. We encourage you to listen to last week’s episode to hear more about the beginning of his time in prison. In this episode, he speaks about the importance of having pen pals and communicating with people on the outside, both for logistical needs and for maintaining morale. Faheem also speaks about issues with the medical care within prisons, the changes in education within the prison system, and what it all boils down to- money.

Both men speak to us with direct, personal knowledge of the prison system, and give clear directives on things they both feel that we can do to improve the situation of those on the inside.