This week we share news and stories from two people who have been caught up in very different ways in the web of prison. Both Bresha Meadows and Patrick Pursely have recently made steps forward in escaping this web, and we are excited to share news from them. Listen in for updates on reduced charges in Bresha’s case, stemming from her shooting of her abusive father in self-defense. Most of the episode focuses on Patrick’s carceral nightmare which began in June 1993, when a jailhouse snitch named him as the culprit in a robbery and shooting two months before. This informant was facing multiple felony charges at the time and received $2600 in reward money. Pursley went on to be convicted and sentenced to life without parole despite serious inconsistencies in the forensics and a lack of other evidence. In our interview with him, he shared the story of how he fought for and won his release.