This week, Johdy Polk, from Gainesville, Florida, describes her time inside a women’s prison, while sharing cutting observations on growing up as a black woman in a white supremacist society. She also makes an urgent call to tear down our inner prisons, a call that we think resonates with the torrent of news we are sharing this week. Prisoners across the country are breaking down the mental and material walls which isolate them, producing new forms of solidarity and collective organizing. For the first time, we could not include all the news sent to us for lack of space in the episode, so we will at least give a shout out to the prisoners in the Orange County jail on hunger strike, and to Malik Washington in Texas, who remains in administrative segregation as retaliation for his dignity and dissent. This rush of organizing on the inside bodes well for the National Prison Strike called for this August 21st, as caged human beings across the US evaluate which prisons – whether built of concrete, steel or just of prejudice – they will be able to challenge.