This week, we share a phone conversation between Kijana Tashiri Askari and C, one of their outside supporters. Askari is incarcerated in the California Medical Facility- a male-only state carceral medical institution.The recorded this conversation earlier this week, about the conditions Kijana and others are facing, including improper COVID-19 protocol on the part of the prison, retaliatory cell searches, secret transfers of COVID-positive prisoners, and the need to release the elderly. They also describe the importance of providing a platform for prisoners to speak out about their inhumane conditions, their needs, and how acting as their own “reporters” can help give them voice. They stress the importance of continuing to support those prisoners who speak out, as they are often the subject of intense repression after speaking out publicly.

Kijana Tashiri Anskari wrote his situation, in this piece called “Pig Corruption,” which you can read here.

Indiana prisoner Angaza Iman Bahar is still facing harassment and false charges at Miami Correctional Facility.  These charges are being used to delay his release from this month to at least August.  IDOC Watch has made the following request:

“Please call the Indiana Department of Corrections Central Office and demand that the remaining charge against Angaza (aka Jimmy Jones #891782) be dropped immediately! Please make sure to mention the case number and the due process violations when you call, and leave a message if no one picks up

Call IDOC Central Office: (317) 232-5711, ext. 2, ext, 3, ext. 1”