We will continue the final installment of the interview between Kristina Byers and Anastazia Schmid next week, as they talk about barriers to education while incarcerated. This week, though, we received urgent calls. Faheem Shabazz is a longtime whistleblower and militant inside the Indiana prison system, who was released in 2018. He has been targeted many times by both guards and parole officers for his organizing, landing him back in prison last year.  He has since spoken out against neglect during the COVID-19 pandemic.  He is once again being targeted by guards, as he details in the message we are sharing today.

We end this episode with a call we received from Andre Perry, currently incarcerated at Wabash Valley Correctional, here in Indiana. He shares important reflections on the George Floyd Uprising, the history of racial exploitation, and the prospects for movement solidarity across the prison walls.