This week, we speak with two writers, Laura Lasuertmer and Wendy Lee Spacek. Spacek and Lasuertmer run a writing workshop in the local jail. They tell us about the writing program, what led them to do this project, and its impact on folks in the inside. Then, we share a selection of writings that came out of some recent sessions of the program. After that, we share audio from our friends at the Prison Radio show based out of Canada. They wrote to us about Muti Ajamu-Osagboro, who is currently serving life without parole (LWOP) in a Pennsylvania state prison. He was sentenced as a teenager and maintains his innocence. Muti has been an advocate for other people who were sentenced to LWOP as children and has been speaking out about his own case for years. He is now in his 50s. He reads his essay from behind the prison walls, entitled, “Black Friday, European Helladay”.