Free Alabama Movement

237 | Convict Criminology

On January 30th, guards attacked Robert Earl Council, and beat him until he was unconscious.  Council, also known as Kinetik Justice, is a longtime imprisoned organizer and cofounder of the Free Alabama Movement.   Outside supporters have urged as many people as possible to call the Donaldson Correctional Facility and express concern for Council’s welfare.  The…

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233 | Built on a House of Cards – Environmental Justice and Incarceration

This week, we share an urgent statement from the Free Alabama Movement about their ongoing hunger strike and economic blackout. Afterwards, we speak with David Pellow, Fabiana Lake, and Camber Wilson, who recently coauthored a report on ‘Environmental Justice Struggles in Prisons and Jails Around the World,’  via the Prison Environmental Justice Project.  Environmental justice…

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6 | The National Prison Strike

In this episode, we focus on the September 9th National Prison Strike. We hear the Free Alabama Movement’s initial call for the strike, learn a bit about prison labor and Whole Foods, get an update on Siddique Hasan’s ongoing hunger strike, and talk with people involved in organizing against a proposed prison in Letcher County,…

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