Lucasville Uprising

344 | Rolling Back Repression in Atlanta

Earlier this week, Keith LaMar went on hunger strike at the Ohio State Penitentiary.  He has faced escalating harassment from administrators and guards as his execution this fall looms and as solidarity momentum builds on the outside.  This harassment extends to new arbitrary rules preventing him from wearing spiritually-significant jewelry and systematic interruptions during visits. …

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334 | Life After Lockup with Kunta Kenyatta

This week, we feature interviews on Life After Lockup from the Kunta Kenyatta Files.  Kunta Kenyatta uses YouTube to speak to a range of people in Cleveland, Ohio, often featuring videos shot from the 107 Club, a half-way house and neighborhood hub.  He speaks with neighbors, former prisoners, and others, amplifying important voices and preserving memory…

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316 | The Phone as a Weapon – Keith LaMar on His Hunger Strike

Keith LaMar, also known as Bomani Shakur, is a prisoner on Ohio’s Death Row.  He is facing execution in autumn 2023 after being framed in prison due to his advocacy for other prisoners and his refusal to snitch on others in the aftermath of the 1993 Lucasville Uprising.  He has consistently expressed solidarity with other…

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