Michelle Jones

200 | You Haven’t Demonstrated Enough For This Opportunity

Welcome to the 200th episode of Kite Line. This week, we revisit the important intersection of incarceration and higher education. Barriers to higher education are a key way the incarcerated and the formerly incarcerated are trapped by the system in a cycle of unemployment, low-wage work, and recidivism. We are proud to again host an interview…

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93 | Michelle Jones on the Collateral Consequences of Incarceration

This week, we share a moving keynote speech recently given at the University of Michigan by Michelle Jones. Jones has been featured on multiple episodes of Kite Line, who shared some of her experiences at the Indiana Women’s Prison, particularly issues of mental and physical health on the inside. Now, she speaks of the extensive…

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17 | Female Survival in Prison

This episode is the second installment exploring women within prisons. First, we get updates on struggles in Bulgaria and Turkey, hear about proposed changes to solitary confinement, and learn about the case of Red Fawn, a Colorado woman arrested at the Standing Rock occupation against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Micol Seigel interviews two women, Michelle…

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