238 | State Crime

This week, we followup on the COVID-19 conditions at Corcoran Prison in California and share news from the uprising in the St. Louis Jail. Afterwards, we finish a conversation between Dr. Jeffrey Ian Ross and Dr. Micol Seigel. Ross is a Professor at the University of Baltimore, and has researched, written, and lectured extensively on policing, political…

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53 | “They haven’t deterred our work”: Ramona Africa on the MOVE 9 and State Violence

This week, we share a conversation with Ramona Africa, who talks about the MOVE 9 case, the 1985 police bombing of the MOVE house, and the relationship between this history and contemporary struggles against prisons and police violence. We also hear updates on the struggle at the medium security facility in St. Louis, called the…

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52 | The Workhouse

In this episode of Kite Line, we cover the recent demonstrations outside the Workhouse in St. Louis, Missouri. On July 21, police there used pepper spray to disperse 300 people protesting conditions in a medium-security jail called the Hall Medium Security Facility, known popularly as the Workhouse. The demonstrators demanded that the jail be closed,…

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