New Afrikan

249 | Studying Against Repression

On today’s episode, we share two perspectives on the role of study, as practiced in the face of repression and directly against repression.  First, we complete our interview with Garrett Felber, with a focus on his termination by the University of Mississippi in retaliation for his outspoken criticism of its white supremacist structure and how…

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14 | Sekou Kambui

This week, we return to the experiences and stories of Sekou Kambui, who was incarcerated for 47 years in Alabama prisons. He was originally charged due to his commitment to Black liberation and organizing in the deep south. In this interview with James Kilgore, we get a picture of the New Afrikan practices of self-education…

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13 | Hunger and Work Strikes

We learn about the Chicago Community Bond Fund, a group that bails people out of Chicago’s Cook County Jail and strives to end pretrial detention. James Kilgore speaks with Alfred Woodfox and Robert King of the Angola 3. Rounding out this week’s episode, we have part of Kilgore’s interview with Sekou Kambui, a longtime New…

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