North Carolina

320 | A Fire Ignited- Shawn Sutton on the George Floyd Uprising

Shawn Sutton is from Greenville, North Carolina, and she participated in the George Floyd Uprising when it spread there in late May 2020.  Shawn was imprisoned due to her participation and has been recently released.  Today, she discusses the incident surrounding her arrest and the overall way recent years have shaped her politics. You can…

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197 | COVID-19 Kites

The country might be locked down, but struggles inside prisons and out continue to develop chaotically and unexpectedly intersect with the COVID-19 crisis.  Prisoners in Stateville in Illinois report that they continue to suffer from a full lockdown, restricting their programming and access to phones.  Yet, guards are patting them down without washing their hands…

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193 | The Guys in Here are Terrified: More Updates on the Coronavirus Pandemic in Prison

Prisoners across the US, and the world, face terrifying prospects as COVID-19 spreads almost uncontrolled inside the prison walls. It’s now or never as they and their loved ones struggle for their release, for adequate sanitation inside, and to self-organize pandemic response in the absence of serious measures by guards and administrators. We hear from…

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