Philadelphia PA

156 | Ona Move: Reflections From a MOVE Family

This week, we hear reflections from members of the MOVE Organization. Speaking at the 2019 Fight Toxic Prisons convergence, they give their thoughts on the past and current struggles of MOVE family members behind bars.  Mike Africa, Jr., who was born in prison, speaks about the MOVE Organization, and having his parents on the inside…

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4 | Prison Ecology – Part Two

This week, we hear some prison related news, and then return to the theme of Prison Ecology. There is more from the panel at the Fight Toxic Prisons convergence in Washington, DC., Jasmine Heiss from Amnesty International, and former eco-prisoner Eric McDavid.

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3 | Prison Ecology

In the third episode of Kite Line, we focus on prison ecology. We talk with organizers of the Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons as well as a member of the Letcher Governance Project in Letcher County, Kentucky. We hear from Ramona Africa from the Philadelphia-based organization, MOVE – she is the sole adult survivor of…

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