Kite Line is a weekly radio program and podcast that focuses on issues in the prison system and beyond.

On the inside, a message is called a kite: whispered words, a note passed hand to hand, or a request submitted to guards for medical care. 

Illicit or not, sending a kite means trusting that other people will pass it farther along, until it reaches its destination. 

We make this show to pass along words, across the prison walls.


331 | Last in Rights, First in Punishment

This week, we share the second installment of a talk by Dina Alves, an abolitionist researcher and scholar who is currently visiting the US from Brazil.  Her talk is simultaneously translated from Portuguese by Micol Seigel. In this feature, she talks about the findings of her interviews with women prisoners in Brazil. We hear examples...

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330 | Blackness and Abolition in Brazil

This week, we share the first part of a talk by Dina Alves. Alves is a Brazilian lawyer with a doctorate in Anthropology, and has been an anchor in the feminist, antiracist legal scene in São Paulo since 2009. She is currently visiting the US, and recently gave this talk, generously translated by Micol Seigel,...

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329 | Perspectives on Prison with Sincere and Jok

In our previous episodes, Sincere paints a picture of life in a women’s prison. Today, they wrap up by talking about prison conditions- such as poor food, exploitative practices, and overly harsh punishments- such as losing visits as retaliation for saying “I love you” to another inmate. They also answer audience questions about a wide...

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328 | Women and Incarceration, Part 2

We start this episode with our monthly round up of prison disturbances, compiled by Perilous Chronicle. You can find out more at This week, we share the second part of a conversation between Focus Initiatives’ Jok Huerta and Sincere. Sincere spent 13 years in Indiana prisons, and now organizes in Indianapolis with other formerly incarcerated...

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327 | How it is with Us – Women and Incarceration

This week, we share part of a  conversation between Focus Initiatives’ Jok Huerta and Sincere. Sincere, who spent 13 years in Indiana prisons, and now organizes in Indianapolis with other formerly incarcerated people. Sincere speaks to the experience of  arriving and getting settled into prison.  She also movingly addresses the frequent abuses she witnessed and...

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326 | Updates on the Alabama Prison Strike

After the news, we hear from Daniel McGowan, former political prisoner and member of the Certain Days Collective. Daniel’s been on the show before, talking to us about the Certain Days calendar- which is out now. Later on in the episode, we talk to an organizer with the group Both Sides of the Wall.  Alabama...

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325 | Let The Crops Rot in the Fields

We start off this week with a statement, released today, by Alabama Confined Citizens, speaking for people striking behind the walls of the Alabama prison system. We then speak with Elizabeth, who is one of many supporting the strike because they have an imprisoned loved one. In contrast to official narratives from the Governor and...

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324 | We’re Tired of People Dying- Updates on the Ongoing Alabama Prison Strike

We start off this episode with our monthly round up of prison disturbances, as compiled by Perilous Chronicle. As we have covered, Alabama prisoners have been striking since September 26th. Prisoners at all 13 prisons in the Alabama department of corrections system went on labor strike, demanding improvement to conditions. We spoke with an inside...

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