Kite Line is a weekly radio program and podcast that focuses on issues in the prison system and beyond.

On the inside, a message is called a kite: whispered words, a note passed hand to hand, or a request submitted to guards for medical care. 

Illicit or not, sending a kite means trusting that other people will pass it farther along, until it reaches its destination. 

We make this show to pass along words, across the prison walls.


349 | The Origins of Cop City, Part Three

This week we continue sharing a panel hosted by Haymarket Books on the abolitionist struggle to stop Cop City.  In this section, we hear Hugh Farrell in conversation with Sarah Haley, a leading historian of Black feminism in the South, organizer Kwame Olufemi of Community Movement Builders, and journalist Micah Herskind. Haley roots contemporary resistance to...

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348 | The Origins of Cop City, Part Two

This week, we continue sharing Haymarket Press’s panel, “the Abolitionist Struggle against Cop City.”  In this segment, Stuart Schrader and Micah Herskind fill in the past  40 years of historical context for why the Cop City project is being pushed through specifically in Atlanta.  Schrader teaches at Johns Hopkins University and wrote Badges without Borders: How...

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347 | The Origins of Cop City

This week we begin sharing a panel hosted by Haymarket Books on the abolitionist struggle to stop Cop City.  In this section, we hear from Kwame Olufemi, of Community Movement Builders, and Sarah Haley, a leading historian of Black feminism in the South.  Olufemi powerfully situates in the Cop City proposal in Atlanta’s recent history. ...

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346 | We Have To Stick Together

During a dramatic week of action in the Atlanta forest this past week, hundreds of forest defenders sabotaged a construction site for the unpopular “Cop City” development.  Police responded with an act of extreme collective punishment against the entire movement, attacking a nearby Stop Cop City music festival, tasing, beating, and arresting concertgoers at random. ...

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345 | Knowledge is Power — The Stakes of “Cop City”

From March 4-11th, thousands of people will be converging in Atlanta’s  Weelaunee Forest, as part of the abolitionist and environmentalist struggle to stop “Cop City,” a police training facility set to be built over a vast urban forest. Reflecting this unprecedented mobilization, we are focusing on the history and current stakes of the struggle. For...

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344 | Rolling Back Repression in Atlanta

Earlier this week, Keith LaMar went on hunger strike at the Ohio State Penitentiary.  He has faced escalating harassment from administrators and guards as his execution this fall looms and as solidarity momentum builds on the outside.  This harassment extends to new arbitrary rules preventing him from wearing spiritually-significant jewelry and systematic interruptions during visits. ...

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343 | Policing Sex

This we continue our conversation between Micol Seigel and Anne Gray Fischer about her recent book, The Streets Belong to Us: Sex, Race, and Police Power from Segregation to Gentrification, an account of gender and sexuality’s crucial role in the history and exercise of police power. [ Here are our previous episodes ] with Anne...

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342 | We Understand Each Other- Resistance at the Norhwest Detention Center

We start this week’s episode with our monthly round up of prison protests and disturbances, compiled by Perilous Chronicle. After that, we share an Interview with Maru Moro Villalpando of La Resistencia, a project that organizes against the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington. Once again, prisoners within the detention center have gone on hunger...

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