This week on Kite Line, we return to  Atlanta’s proposed “Cop City”- a police training facility set to be built over a vast urban forest. People from across the city and the country have been organizing against its construction, which would make it the largest police training facility in the United States.  People have been organizing protests in the streets, call-in campaigns, and holding down an ongoing occupation in the forest itself.

First, we hear a statement from an Indigenous organizer about the impact such a facility would have. Afterwards, we share a press conference that was called earlier this week by the Atlanta Solidarity Fund in response to a violent police raid on the occupation earlier this week. Even before that, at a demonstration last Saturday, peaceful protestors were brutally arrested.  As you’ll hear one Atlanta resident say, they feel this is an attempt to demoralize a vibrant and diverse movement that is led by local community members against the replacement of the largest urban tree canopy in the United States, by the largest police training compound in the United States.