Atlanta Solidarity Fund

354 | The Atlanta Solidarity Fund

On the morning of May 31st, Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Atlanta Police Department raided a house and arrested three staff members of the Atlanta Solidarity Fund. The Atlanta Solidarity Fund is a non profit organization that supports those arrested for protesting or otherwise prosecuted for involvement in social movements. Over the last year, the…

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339 | A Police Murder in the Atlanta Forest

Today, we share the tragic news that police killed Tortuguita, a forest defender in the South River Forest in Atlanta on the morning of Wednesday, January 19th. We have previously covered the movement to protect the Atlanta forest in light of its history as a plantation and prison farm and the future plans to build…

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304 | Atlanta’s “Cop City”

This week on Kite Line, we return to  Atlanta’s proposed “Cop City”- a police training facility set to be built over a vast urban forest. People from across the city and the country have been organizing against its construction, which would make it the largest police training facility in the United States.  People have been…

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