This week, we share the second part of a recorded discussion hosted by the Civil Liberties Defense Center.  CLDC has been at the forefront of anti-repression legal work for decades now, working on many of the Green Scare cases, in which the FBI infamously hounded and smashed radical environmental organizing between 2000 and 2008.  In this discussion, Chava and Lauren speak with Letha, a long-time supporter for Marius Mason, who is the last remaining Green Scare prisoner.  Marius is a former Bloomington resident whose public organizing and clandestine acts of sabotage in the 1990s presaged many of the ecological concerns which have now become global issues as we face climate catastrophe.  Marius was harshly sentenced – to almost 23 years in prison – for acts of sabotage against logging, highway construction, water privatization schemes, and corporate genetic engineering.  He came out as a trans man while inside and is being held at the federal prison in Connecticut.

Thanks to the CLDC for organizing this important discussion and for all their work.

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