This week, we hear more from Chantal, who tells us about her time detained in France in December. We also cover breaking news on hunger strikes in immigrant detention centers across the US, as well as the victory of hundreds of hunger strikers in Corcoran prison in California.  Medical malfeasance by prison officials, and the needless suffering it causes, are important themes across the whole episode, from hunger strikers tortured by violent force feeding to the death of Lamekia Dockery here in Indiana, to the neglect detainees suffer in French facilities.

Arrested in Paris during Yellow Vests clashes, Chantal describes the immigration retention facility she was held in. She tells us of the camaraderie people found together while inside, and the absurdity of the situation many of them were in. She used her skills in translation to fight for medical care for a fellow detainee who was unable to speak French.  Chantal also paints a picture of the daily life of the immigration retention center, aptly describing the small pleasures and acts of resistance that prisoners figure out during their time inside. You can hear the first and second parts of Chantal’s story HERE and HERE.