This week, we return to the story of Clinton “Boo” Gilkie, who died one year ago- on June 7, 2016- in the Monroe County Jail.  We discussed the circumstances of his death in our episode 2 weeks ago, and recommend that you to listen to this episode of Kite Line for more context.

Our interview today is with TJ, who was in the same dorm as Boo for 10 months. TJ was a friend of Boo’s- and was present in the dorm at the time of Boo’s death.  We hope this offers a little more insight into Boo as a person, and encourage friends and family of Boo to write to us to share more stories.

Boo’s death was premature, and avoidable.  It highlights major systemic problems- including a commissary system that forces prisoners to choose between medicine, food, and other needs.