Cash Bail

46 | Memories of Boo

This week, we return to the story of Clinton “Boo” Gilkie, who died one year ago- on June 7, 2016- in the Monroe County Jail.  We discussed the circumstances of his death in our episode 2 weeks ago, and recommend that you to listen to this episode of Kite Line for more context. Our interview today is…

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44 | The Premature Death of Boo Gilkie

June 7th marks the one year anniversary of the death of Clinton Gilkie, and so we devote our June 2nd and June 16th episodes of Kite Line to his story and his memory. Clinton “Boo” Gilkie was held in the Monroe County Jail since he was 16 after a failed robbery using a toy gun….

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13 | Hunger and Work Strikes

We learn about the Chicago Community Bond Fund, a group that bails people out of Chicago’s Cook County Jail and strives to end pretrial detention. James Kilgore speaks with Albert Woodfox and Robert King of the Angola 3. Rounding out this week’s episode, we have part of Kilgore’s interview with Sekou Kambui, a longtime New…

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