This episode, we start out with a statement from Anastazia Schmid, a prisoner in the Indiana Women’s Prison. She walks us through a brief history of how prisons, and specifically the modern practice of prison slave labor, came about. She also talks through some basics of how prison serves to isolate those on the inside, and the importance of outside support in making sure that prisoners are treated as human beings. Some of what she says resonates with reports we are hearing from the work stoppage and strike in the Florida prison system- Operation PUSH. We give some updates on Operation PUSH as they continue to unfold.

Lastly, we finish talking to Craig. Over the past two episodes of Kite Line, Craig has shared his experiences in the local jail, as well as in facilities across the state. As we continue our conversation, Craig compares the Monroe County Jail to the Howard County Jail. He gives his observations on the influence of gangs on the inside, and analyzes the differences in medical care between the facilities.